Cyber Ohio Business Summit

Friday March 31 marks the first Cyber Ohio Business Summit. Attorney Mike DeWine launched the initiative to help businesses in the fight against cyber crime and data security threats [link below]. We will definitely be attending, ourselves, but we are recommending this to anyone who handles customer information or sensitive data.

Cyber crime is, without a doubt, on the rise. Hart Brown reports that “cyber crime will be bigger GDP-wise than physical crime by 2018.” That’s a sobering wake up call. Here at Elite, we see companies and individuals fall victim to all types of cyber crime — from ransomware to identity theft, nearly every single day.

Cyber Ohio Business Summit

Managed Services is definitely the second step to securing your business.
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Cyber Ohio Business Summit (continued)

Registration for the CyberOhio Business Summit is limited, so sign up now. I expect it to be at capacity by this week. There are multiple seminar topics that will be available, which all of them sound very useful. As a business owner or entrepreneur, manager or C.E.O, this seminar may be very beneficial. EliteNetworks LLC is not associated with with this event, however we will be attending.

Elite Networks LLC is an independent business serving organizations throughout Central Ohio. Specializing in Network and Cyber Security, we can help protect your business. Call us today for a complete evaluation of your organization’s infrastructure. We can assess your current situation and implement proper securities and redundancies to keep your data safe. Increase productivity, reduce downtime, and protect your organization from data disasters.

Excerpt from Managed Services:

“Managed Services is comprehensive, managed control of your computers, systems and infrastructure. Don’t loose everything because of insufficient oversight. Gain insight, security and confidence in your businesses’ infrastructure with Managed Services.”

Enjoy peace of mind with Managed Services, to better protect your business against cyber crime.