Easy Fixes for Windows 10 Privacy Concerns

It’s no secret that Windows 10 is very intrusive to your privacy. For me personally, this has been known for quite some time – Today it ends. I really have not addressed this until now, but as you may know Windows 10 tracks everything you do. This is intended to provide a “more customized”, identity-based experience. It’s a noble idea, however, the fact of being tracked every moment of your cyber-existence is less than appealing.

Disabling all the unnecessary fluff in Windows 10 not only makes your system more secure, it can improve performance, and reduce glitches or bugs. The rule of thumb here is to just turn everything off. If you discover that you actually need something, individually re-enable it.

Here are a few links to easy fixes:





There are more things that can be done – like permanently uninstalling default Windows 10 Apps and disabling startup programs. Elite Networks can fully optimize your system, to provide better performance, stability, and ease of use. Contact us today, or bring your PC to us, to get the most (least) Windows 10 has to offer.