Game Arena Columbus – Grand Opening

Elite Networks proudly congratulates Game Arena on their Grand Opening today, Feburary 1st 2018! It’s been a long road for them, having overcome many obstacles and setbacks. Today, they open their new facility in Hilliard Ohio, offering over 50 (yes, fifty) high-end PC Gaming Systems (Nvidia 1060 equipped), dozens of XBOXs, Playstations, and soon *gasp* REAL VR. The facility is fantastic, custom tailored to e-sports and tournament gaming. Watch their live streams and gaming competitions on their website and Facebook.

Elite Networks LLC has teamed up with Game Arena to provide them with top-notch network installation, deployment, and management. Check out the video above to see the facility build from the ground up. Be sure to check out Game Arena in Hilliard Ohio! They¬†have an entire arsenal of games, powerful PCs, and basically every console you’d ever want to play. Good food, absolutely great staff, and the gaming experience is like no other.