If You Don’t Have The Coin, You’re Not in the Game

Cryptocurrency — a word so new, not even my spellcheck recognizes it. An idea so fresh, it’s laughed at and even hated. If you’re an old financial dog, you probably think it’s a bubble or a scam. But here’s the deal:

Bitcoin, which is only one of a thousand types of Cryptocurrency, is rocking the financial sector. It is the grand-disruptor to the status-quo of banking and commerce. If you’re like most people, you know just what you’ve heard, and don’t even truly understand what it is or how it works.

It’s actually quite simple — but not really. How it technically operates is seriously complex. What you may not know is that buying, selling, and investing in digital currency is actually quite easy. For example, Coinbase is one such application that makes purchasing and managing your bitcoins extremely easy.

There are many other platforms that offer cryptocurrency trading, and you can find endless amounts of information on Google and Youtube. If you need help getting set up or are curious about this leading-edge technology that will revolutionize our digital world, talk to us. Let us help you with understanding Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Become an individual investor and safeguard your gains with quality advice. As with any investments, you need to be diversified. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency need to be a part of your portfolio.

Take into consideration what the Internet was 20 years ago. Today we are just starting to see the true potential and capability of what the Internet enables us to do.  Cryptocurrency is now the forefront of commerce in today’s digital age. Where it’s projected to go by some is beyond comprehension. Think of this as Microsoft stock in the 80’s or Google stock in 2008, only with this… this is your call to action.