Optimizations (Tune-Ups)

It’s true, computers can get slower as the days go by. Applications and updates get installed that can consume system resources, and constantly run in the background. Over time, these “junk” programs continue to collect and further degrade your system’s performance.

It’s also true that many new computers, from many major brands, are loaded with lots junk software called “bloatware”. In some instances, performance can be up to 30% LESS, with an “out-of-the box” configuration, specifically because of all the “bloatware” installed. Elite can fully optimize your computer and provide you with the speed and performance that you should expect from your new PC.

“Optimization” is basically our technical term for “Tune-Up”. We look at multiple areas of the system, to make your computer perform as fast as it possibly can (without dangerous procedures or risky measures). Our procedures remove unnecessary programs, prevent unnecessary start-up items, disable unnecessary services, configure Windows settings, and much more. Elite can revive your PC and even make it run faster than it ever has before.