Elite 4G Failover Internet

If you run a business, you know it relies on an Internet connection. You depend on it to process credit cards, seek information, manage customers, and communicate with the world.

The dreaded words “The Internet is down” is something that people hate to hear. Not having Internet cripples production, frustrates customers and employees. Not having Internet hurts.

Verizon 4G

Elite Networks has now partnered with Verizon Wireless to provide Wireless 4G Failover. Think of it like “Backup Internet” or “Internet Insurance”.

For as little as $20/mo you can rest assured that if your primary Internet fails, our Verizon 4G connection will automatically take over and restore Internet connectivity almost immediately. Since your network doesn’t know the difference, everything works just as it did before the Internet went down. Our Verizon 4G service can also be used as a primary Internet connection, for mobile locations or if no high-speed is available. Call us for more information.

“Never go down again” with Elite 4G Failover