Windows 10 God Mode

If you didn’t already know, there is a hidden feature in Windows 10 called “God Mode”. It basically lets you see and control most every setting of Windows, inside an easy-to-use interface. It’s great for tweaking and customizing Windows to your liking. The best thing is that it’s super easy to activate!

STEP 1: Start by copying the following, by highlighting all the GodMode text below (click and drag). Now, right-click the highlighted text and select “Copy”.


Step 2: On your Windows desktop, right-click and select “New” then “Folder”. At this point, the text “New folder” should be highlighted blue, underneath the folder icon. Name this folder by pasting the above text with CTRL + V on your keyboard. When you paste, it should look something like this:

Windows 10 God Mode Text

If you named the folder correctly, you will see it change from a yellow folder to this:

God Mode Icon

If it does not change to the blue GodMode icon, it is not named correctly. Make sure you copied the entire GodMode string above, including the period and brackets {}, without any spaces. If it is not copied correctly, you could also get a warning message about invalid characters (spaces).

When successful, go ahead and open the icon, and you will see over 200 options, tools, settings, and apps. Although, most of these settings will do no serious harm, please do be careful changing these settings, as they could cause issues if you are misusing them. Obviously, if you don’t know what something is, leave it alone. As always, be sure to have a backup of your system before making changes. If you don’t have a backup, what are you doing? Contact us today, to get your system protected.

Windows 10 God Mode is recommended for advanced users only. Elite Networks offers no support for this tweak, so use at your own risk! Have fun!