XP Not Dead? A New Hack Enables Continued Windows Updates

Although support for Windows XP is officially dead, a hack has been discovered that allows for updates until 2019. A variant of Windows XP called “Windows Embedded POS Ready 2009” is still widely used in many Point Of Sale and integrated systems. Microsoft will continue to support only this version of XP until 2019.

A clever man, some time ago, has discovered a simple hack that will trick Windows XP into thinking that it is actually the Embedded POS Ready version! This means that it will receive all of the security updates that the Embedded POS Ready version receives, until April of 2019.

The fact still remains that unless you absolutely HAVE to run XP, do not use it! There are may skeptics on this hack, including Microsoft themselves (of course), stating “Windows XP customers also run a significant risk of functionality issues with their machines if they install these updates, as they are not tested against Windows XP”. That being as it may, if companies have no other option but to use XP, this is currently the best option for them.

Upgrading from XP, for many industries, means that they also have to upgrade specialty hardware or software that could cost thousands of dollars (perhaps tens of thousands) in order to migrate to a newer OS like Windows 7 or 10.

Multiple sources confirm that you can hack the registry in Window XP to allow for security updates provided by Microsoft. According to ZDNet, it’s “still a bad idea“, which does make sense as this IS a hack, itself. Using hacked software always runs a risk of things not working correctly. The best choice is to bite the bullet, and just upgrade your systems.

For companies not fortunate enough to have a healthy budget for I.T., this may be the solution to hobble them along, for the next couple years. As always, the best plan is to disconnect all XP systems from your network and have a backup and recovery plan.