Your Slow Computer is KILLING Productivity

It’s no joke. Slow production means lower income. Are you or your employees struggling to get things done? What if operations could be more efficient? If you are depending on your systems and network for daily tasks, waiting on you computer may be costing you money. Waiting just a few minutes here-and-there can really add up, especially compounded over a week, month, or year.



Aside from that, waiting on your computer when you are on the phone with a customer can be frustrating for both parties. Having systems that are snappy and responsive can mean higher production results as well as having happier customers. Faster systems also mean less money spent in computer troubleshooting and repair, as much time that repair techs spend is waiting on the computer to install, restart, or update. This alone, can literally save hundreds of dollars in billable time.


Here are a few things that will make your system perform faster:

  • Upgrading to a SSD (Solid State Drive) will provide the biggest boost to performance. It’s literally night and day difference.


  • It’s no secret that Windows 10 talks to Microsoft thousands of times a day. You can turn off additional functions and privacy options in Windows 10 to help alleviate the burden. There are many articles available on how do accomplish this.


  • Uninstalling unnecessary software can help boost performance, as many installed programs run in the background, consuming valuable system resources. The lest resources you have available, the slower your computer will run.


  • Disable startup items will also help boost performance. In this case, less means more. Disable startup items by right-clicking the Taskbar at the bottom and selecting “Task Manager”. From that window, you will see a “Startup” tab, in which you can disable items that start up when Windows starts.


  • Windows 10, especially, is very memory hungry. It is recommended that you have 8GB of RAM or more, for Windows 10 to run smoothly. Typically, before considering RAM, look to SSD’s (mentioned above) for a more cost-effective upgrade.


At Elite Networks, we offer comprehensive Optimization services that boost your systems to maximum performance levels. The video above shows exactly how much improvement our fully-optimized system provides over the standard ‘stock’ configuration. Give us a call today, or bring us your PC or laptop to have it fully optimized.